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Randy Keisler Bluegrass Fundraiser Story & Link
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2011, 06:04:50 AM »
Welcome to the link for the Randy Keisler Fund. To tell you a little bit about Randy that you may or may not already know, he has worked for most of his career serving the citizens of various communities in law enforcement and as an EMT. While he really enjoyed his work in both of those fields, Randy’s true compassion was and continues to be bluegrass music. He played bass and provided excellent vocals as a part of Custer’s Last Band for several years and most recently with The Keisler Brothers Band. In addition to playing and singing, for approximately 28 years he has operated Keisler & Company Sound, providing high quality sound at bluegrass festivals all over the state of Arkansas and even branching out into Oklahoma and Texas. Randy was always quick to donate his sound equipment, talent and time for various fundraisers and shows to benefit folks experiencing tough times, never expecting one day to find himself falling into the difficult position of needing some of that same help for himself.

This past January Randy underwent what was supposed to be a fairly routine surgery to remove a herniated disc and fuse a couple of vertebrae in his neck. He had suffered with pain on and off for over a year from a previous neck injury. The surgery and recovery turned out to be far worse than routine. After waking up from anesthesia he has experienced symptoms in his extremities similar to a stroke victim. He has no feeling and limited use of both legs from the knees down, no feeling and very limited use of his left arm and hand, as well as some numbness in his right hand. He suffers daily with this as well as balance issues, an inability to “think clearly”, and body aches similar to flu-like symptoms. He has been unable to work or play music and sing since the surgery. Subsequently, all means of paid time off have been exhausted and his employer paid health insurance has expired. His doctors are uncertain of what caused this to happen and he is continuing to be run through a battery of tests to not only figure that out but to hopefully figure out if this problem can be fixed. At this time he has not been given much hope for a full recovery.

While Randy is a very proud man and would love nothing better than to be able to go back to work and be donating to someone else, we know he has a world of friends out there who would be more than happy to help out a friend in need. This site has been created to give his friends an opportunity to help him in whatever way they can. No donation is too small because every little bit helps. You can donate securely through PayPal. Simply click the donate button and give what you can. It will be so very much appreciated and all proceeds go directly to Randy and his family. Thanks in advance and please continue to pray for Randy, his family and a complete recovery.

Click Here to go to the Donation Page:  http://www.arkansasbluegrass.com/randy.php