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How do you keep ducks OUT of shelters?
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2011, 02:16:12 AM »

How do you keep ducks OUT of shelters?  Yours want to stay out; I can't keep
mine out of the barn even though they have a lovely small building of their
own.  I think they just want to be with all the other animals LOL.

In the fall, I built one of those cattle-panel tunnels for them next to the barn
thinking they'd be happier and more willing to use it if they were closer to the
other livestock.  Unfortunately, mine DID give under the weight of the snow.
Much of our snow has melted, but there's still about 10 inches on top of the
crumpled panel, and the feeder and drinker that was inside when the snow started
coming in December are still there, unreachable.  The tarps and plastic are torn
through by being pushed down onto the t-posts.  Fortunately for the ducks, I
removed them when I heard that first storm was going to be ginormous, 'cause it
was and it never got better all winter.  So now they're back in the barn,
terrorizing my sole remaining chicken and even the guineas.  I have to pick them
up bodily at night and put them back into the henhouse that was their first
home.  Too darned bad if they're lonely!   The alternative is to get more
chickens in the spring (was gonna do that anway) and try to relocate the
chickens to the small henhouse and leave the ducks to free-range in the barn
with the alpacas and guineas.
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Duck Shelter Help Wanted
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2011, 05:42:21 AM »
Are there any great plans for duck homes near a pond in the winter in the north where the snow, ice, frigid weather are abundant? The one my husband built for our 13 quackers is clever but too complicated for cold weather. Also, how much space do they Really need in their house for night time if they are outside most of the day?

This is a lovely forum. I've been getting the messages for about 3 weeks and have learned quite a bit from all you inspiring and inventive farmers. We also have chickens and in summer, pastured lambs, so I'm looking forward to more adventures in farming.

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