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John Two-Hawks - Circle of Nations Newsletter - March 2011
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 07:29:46 AM »
Hau kola na tiyospaye (Hello friends & extended family),

Welcome to all new Circle members!  Each section of the Circle of Nations newsletter is written 'facing' one of the four sacred winds, beginning with the east, then the south, west and finally the north.  This is to honor the old ways.  It is to teach and to help us to focus and find the center.  I have designed the Native Circle website in the same spirit.  I welcome you all to the Circle....

Before I begin, I want to ask all of you, wherever you are in the world, to offer your prayers of peace and healing for all that is happening in the middle-east.  Thank you my friends....

EAST - Wiyohinyanpata - Yellow (Four Winds)
We arrive.... small, helpless and dependent.  Our moment to live has come.  Our life force hums with expectancy for what lies ahead for us on our path.  We are innocent, pure and untarnished.  A soul without blemish.  A spirit without clouded vision.  Grandfather is there to sing us to sleep.  Our world makes sense.  Then life comes.  Many questions, not all with answers.  Fear introduces itself.  Doubt too.  And pain.  We step out, onto the road that is our journey.  Where it goes is unknown.  How to walk it is uncertain.  We wander.  We venture out.  We fall.  We fail.  We rise to try again, our hands and feet weary and stained.  Humbled, we long to see clearly once again.  We seek the sacred.  The purification time comes.  We look deep within to find our center, our balance, and find ourselves alone on the sacred mountain.  Then comes the silence.  In stillness we sit.... quietly.... listening for Creator’s voice to whisper.  We pray.  We sing.  We cry in longing for a good vision to come for our life, to know our path and our purpose.  The fire dances to the song of the wind and the earth.  We become one with the night and all that is.  The thunder rumbles deep within our soul as we come to terms with our humanity.  And then it is quiet.... almost too quiet.  Then it comes.... the moment of illumination.... the unveiling of the sacred message for our journey.... the vision we have cried and prayed for.  Afterward come the spirits to be with us and help us to understand, and accept the power of mystery.  We come down from the sacred mountain into a new dawn, a new day, a new life.  We begin anew, innocent once again, only now entrusted with a vision for what our path is, how to walk it, and where it may lead.  We give thanks to our Creator for such a gift having been given.  A gift of sacrifice and selflessness in the service of all.  A gift of burdens to bear.  We thank you Great Mystery.  We thank you....

My friends, what you have just read is a poetic expression of the story told by the music on my brand new CD,
‘Vision Seeker - A Journey in Native Flute, Drum & Voice’
which is now officially pre-released worldwide.  I would be honored if you would give it a look and a listen....

The NEW ‘Vision Seeker’ CD:  http://www.johntwohawks.com/theVisionSeekerCD.html

SOUTH - Itokagata - Red (Red Earth)
A word from Peggy....

Ever wonder why the storms seem to come all at once and knock the snot out of you?  I wonder that.  I wonder why some people seem to have all the luck and others no luck at all.  Then I realize I can’t answer that and I don’t know why.  If I try to figure it out I may fall victim to a pity party or awful fundamental judgement.
So I just take a deep breath and say “well this is life.”
In the words of John Denver “some days are diamonds, some days are stone”.   Having brought up this issue, I have gleaned a bit of wisdom in these 50 plus years.  It seems to me that the most balanced, happy, positive people are the ones who have taken the storms and rebuilt a life out of them.  They don’t curse the storms, they take the splinters and a tube of super glue and build a castle with them...   

We have just finished putting together the 2011 schedule, please take a look at it at here:

Hope you will all come out to Tulsa on April 16th to join the huge “Honoring our Native Ways” events.

The new ‘Vision Seeker’ CD is now available for Pre-order.
Order now and Save.  We expect to ship these CDs out on the Official Release date in about 2 weeks.  The new ‘Vision Seeker’ flutes will be available on April 2nd,  watch the website for their availability.
We will be in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Mississippi and Tennessee this year on Tour and adding more dates and states in the coming months.
Looking forward to seeing you all real soon.
Native Circle
John Two-Hawks
Connect with John Two-Hawks and his Music and Videos at:
     ~      ~     ~ 

WEST - Wiyohpeyata - Black or Blue (We are STILL Here!)
Have you ever felt like you didn’t know where you were going, or which direction you should take?  We all have.  There are times in this life when it can be a challenge to understand why we are where we are, and where to go from here.  But there is a way for us to find more clarity, more insight into what our life is all about.  That way is to find our vision.  Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do with my time here?  How am I supposed to walk this road that is my journey?  The answers to these questions are often revealed when we seek, and find, the vision for our life.  For hidden like a sacred gift within the folded petals of the flower that is our vision, is a power that gives clarity and meaning to everything in this life.  That power, is purpose.  Though it is a life changing thing to do, not everyone can literally climb a mountain to seek their vision.  Yet, we can all commit to take the time to set aside sacred space and spiritually ‘go to the mountain’, to pray and ask Creator to show us the way to our purpose.  In doing so, we must be willing to make a meaningful sacrifice of some kind, as no great vision becomes real without a step of faith.  In the end, the important thing is to seek, find and keep the vision - the purpose - for our life....  To know what gifts we have been given, and how to use them to affect the world in a good way.  There is no small gift, no small purpose.  All purpose is power.  The power to change.  The power to heal.  The power to love.  Find your vision, your gifts, your purpose.... and you will find your way to the path you were born for, and the world will be better because you have lived....

The NEW ‘Vision Seeker’ CD

NORTH - Waziyata - White  (Words of Wisdom)
Some thoughts from my solitary contemplations....

Knowledge is for intellects, Wisdom is for visionaries....

Visions are the seeds of what becomes our reality....

Following your head is correct.... Following your heart is right....

Face your adversaries with love, and you will never fail....

May Wakantanka encircle you and yours with faith to believe, hope for the future, and love for all....     

As always, in the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world
Your Oglala Lakota friend and brother,

John Two-Hawks


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Reprinting of this Circle of Nations newsletter is encouraged!  All I ask is that it be printed in its entirety, with no changes, and that I be given proper credit, unless I have otherwise okayed it.  Wopila (great thanks)!