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Harness Making, Bridlework & Halter Making: Three Great How-to Books
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Harness Making, Bridlework & Halter Making:
Three Great How-to Books
by Herman Beck-Chenoweth

Did you know there are more horses involved in farming today than ever before?  I have been farming and writing book reviews since 1990 and I have never seen more interest in horse-powered farming than there is right now.   And, there are more new books being written on the subject as well.  In this review I want to recommend three particular books containing excellent information.  Click the link above each book to read more and order from on line

   The first is Making Harness: A Step by Step Guide by Lewis Martin and Daniel Preston.  Born in 1932, Lewis G. Martin moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia when he was eleven years old. He began making harness in 1962. While Lewis has made almost any style and size of harness imaginable (even harness for turtles), he still enjoys making driving harness the most. In addition to his full-time work in the shop, Lewis is an ordained minister in the Old Order Mennonite church. Born in 1952, Daniel S. Preston holds a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the State University of New York - Binghamton. Before becoming Edito /Publisher of Shop Talk! (formerly The Harness Shop News), Dan worked as a harness and saddle maker. In his spare time you'll probably find Dan in a canoe, paddling upstream. Soft cover, sturdy ring binder, 464 pages, 8" x 11", drawings, photos and step-by-step illustrations.  This book is complete in every detail and gives very detailed instruction for making harnesses for work, driving, farming, and single or teams, to fit ponies, light horses and draft horses..  There are plans for horses of different sizes and weight as well.  This book is complete enough that one could start a successful harness business with the information contained between itís covers.  This book is an excellent buy at $60.00

   Next is Bridlework: A Step-by-Step Guide by Robert H. Steinke.  This book provides a thorough introduction to the art.  There are easy-to-follow instructions illustrated by over 200 photographs and drawings.  The book covers tools, materials, cutting, preparing, stitching and finishing leather, size tables various styles of bridles and other projects such as martingales, breaking and schooling aids, girths and stirrup leathers and accessories.  This is an essential reference book for both the student and the experienced bridle maker.  This 270 page, 10" x 10" softcover is generously illustrated and sells for $48.00.

   Finally we have a smaller pamphlet-style booklet that covers making five sizes of halters suitable for pony, yearling, horse and stallion and contains illustrations and directions for both flat and rounded throat latches.  Halter Making: A Step-by-Step Guide is also by Daniel Preston.  While only 16 pages, it is filled with descriptions and photographs for making a halter for any horse.  It is printed in full-color on sturdy stock, is 8.5 x 11 overall and is $18.95.

   With these three books youíll have the most comprehensive and complete library on making these essential items for yourself or others.  Back 40 Books has a Valu-Pak of all three of these excellent books for just $120.00 (including free shipping).

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