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Get your message in front of Forum Readers at low cost
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2011, 08:48:56 AM »
If you own or work for a business that has a product or service that rural people, suburbanites, farmers, outdoorsmen or sustainable lifestyle folks need or want you can't do better than look into advertising on the Forums.  There are 80 Boards that cater to the needs and interests of a highly specialized type of reader.  You can get your message across by utilizing a single board, several target Boards or reach a huge number of folks by using a banner ad that floats over all the boards.

How much will this cost?  Surprisingly, the costs can be controlled a variety of ways.  You can choose the board or boards you wish to reach and then set a limit on how many times you want your message to appear.  There are no click through fees.  You only pay for the number of times your information is shown.  So, you can set a number of impressions based upon your budget and the specific boards you wish to reach.

As a general rule we deliver 4,000 - 9,000 page views per day.  Sometimes that number goes as high as 15,000.  That's over 200,000 page views per month.   Let's say you are a dealer for 2 wheel tractors and implements.  You could target Market Farmers, Homesteaders, Direct Farm Marketers and Farmers to present your messages to.  And a link will take your interested prospect directly to your web site that opens in a new window.  Click the link below to see how the system works:

There are numerous options for vendors and sponsors:
Individual Board Banner: One 728 x 90 Banner ad is available at the top or bottom of
each Board and topic.  Rates are $80.00 per month with a discount when selecting additional boards running concurrently.

Contextual Ads: These are Bold underlined words in articles that direct readers to a
 website for more information.  For example the word Tractor or Mahindra Max will send
a reader to the location of your choice when clicked.   

Contextual links are charged by click- through and range from 25 to $2.50 per click as the client and Forum agree.  Click throughs are billed net 30 for established clients or paid in advance with a PayPal account for new or short-term users.

Sponsored Topics: We can use stories supplied by the advertiser (copy must be submitted
in advance for approval).  We will charge 25 per word as a one time charge to place the
article plus a charge for Contextual Click-Throughs (50) or Banner adds appearing with the
article.  There will be a $10.00 charge for each photo used.

For more detailed information call Herman Beck at 417.362.9285 or e-mail Publisher (at) SmallFarm.com

Back 40 Forums is operated by:  www.Back40Group.com

Check out the Back 40 Forums Advertising Packages:  http://back40forums.com/index.php?action=adpro;sa=buyadspace

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