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Heritage Draft Animal Club in Oregon County
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2009, 03:38:53 AM »
Hello Everybody,
We live here in the Ozarks, near West Plains in Alton. There has been a little local Draft Horse Club which is being reformed with the purpose of getting all draft animals involved, horses,oxen, mules, ponies and what ever other draft animals people might have. We are also looking for people who KNOW how it farm with horses and can teach others. Our President is from up north and can farm and log with teams. Anybody who is interested in draft animals and wants to learn is welcome wether they have a team or not. There will be monthly work days at different farms in the future. Our goal is to make it a fun group where people can learn and grow.
We already have a lady in Couch with Clydes, a man in Mt. View with Shires, a Dr. with Percherons, the Pres. who has four black Percheron mares, a Nursery owner who has two grey Percheron mares, a fellow in Alton with three Belgian mares and two teams of oxen and us right here in Alton with two black Percheron geldings.
You can contact me at or phone 417-778-6009
We are a small diverse farm here in the Ozarks.
Our animals are grassfed and handled a lot, they have names, no numbers.