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Southern SARE Research and Eduction Grants
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2014, 06:35:09 AM »

GRIFFIN, Georgia – The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education
(SARE) program has awarded over $1.1 million in grants to further
sustainable agriculture research across the Southern region for FY2013.

Improving fitness in meat goat herds, using silvopasture to advance
agroforestry systems, using clover as a living mulch, and refining our
understanding of food hubs are just a few of the projects funded through
Southern SARE’s Research & Education Grants – the organization’s flagship
grant program that emphasizes a whole systems approach to sustainable
agriculture lead by teams of interdisciplinary researchers.

Projects funded include:

LS13-254 Improving Fitness in Meat Goat Herds Through Better Genetic
Management, $230,000, Tennessee State University, Richard Browning Jr.,

LS13-255 Made in the Shade: Using silvopasture research and on-farm
demonstrations to advance these sustainable agroforestry systems, $190,000,
Virginia Tech, John Fike, jfike@vt.edu

LS13-256 Food Hubs and the Regional Food System: Refining our understanding
of best practices from foodsheds to operations, $230,000, University of
Georgia, Carrie Furman, cfurman@uga.edu

LS13-257 Using Durana Clover as a Living Mulch in an Integrated Corn and
Livestock Production Systems, $224,000, University of Georgia, Nicholas
Hill, nhill@uga.edu

LS13-258 Towards Ecologically Based Fertilizer Recommendations that Improve
Soil Quality in High-Density Apple Orchards, $140,000, Virginia Tech,
Gregory Peck, greg.peck@vt.edu

LS13-259 Participatory Assessment of Progress, Barriers and Opportunities
for Sustainability in Southern Agricultural Systems, $100,000, Delta Land
and Community, Arkansas, J.V. Worstell, jim@deltanetwork.org

Research & Education Grants award up to $300,000 for up to three years of
project activities and are open to teams of researchers from public and
private institutions such as 1862 and 1890 land-grant universities,
environmental agencies, USDA-ARS, non-governmental organizations, and
community based organizations.

Research & Education Grants Calls for Proposals for FY2014 are currently
open. Application deadline is June 2, 2014.

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