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Mid Winter Homesteaders Report from Missouri
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2014, 05:19:31 AM »
Report from Nature’s Pace: What’s up in mid-February

   Nature’s Pace Sanctuary is the home of Herman Beck and Linda Lee.  We have been living close to the land since 1976 in places as diverse as a Volkswagen camper parked on a city street to a home in a converted school bus to a 160 acre diversified hill farm in Ohio and now on 175 acres in the Missouri Ozarks.  There have been good times, great times and tough times.  This is one of the tough times.  But, as Luke the Drifter said “We’re still a livin’ so things are o.k.”.  Here is our report for mid-February 2014.

   Cold!  That’s how winter has been so far this year.  We had a low temperature of 5 degrees a night or two ago and we are burning a lot of wood right now.  But, that’s ok, we have plenty of standing deadwood and a fair supply cut, split and on hand. 

   We cook and heat with wood.  Linda loves to cook on our venerable cast-iron Perfect designed in the 1880s and is masterful at it.  It is a small stove but heats our little 2 room cabin fine and it has a very versatile cooktop and oven.  We usually let the fire go out at night and it is a mite nippy in the mornings but it only takes about an hour to bring up the temperature.  On below zero nights I get up once to feed the stove at 3:30 am.  That keeps the temperatures in the mid 50's for wake up time.

I was surprised yesterday to look at our last electric bill: 102 kilowatt hours for a charge of $ 8.90. Too bad our “electric coop” charges us a $25.50 monthly “service availability fee” whether we actually use ANY power or not!  We intend to ditch that fee soon by producing the small amount of power we use ourselves.  We will figure out the way.

   Will wonders ever cease? Even though we have no road frontage and are miles away from our closest neighbors we have a new dog that somehow found us.  Took ‘em a week to trust me enough to let me touch him.  But, he is in fine shape and is in the process of learning how to fit in here.  He is a great pot-licker and chore helper at this point.  So far he is fitting in with our other animals and is not a chicken chaser.  Speaking of chickens: Our hens started to lay again on New Year’s day and our eleven girls are giving us about four eggs a day now. Stay tuned for updates.

   The starter is out on the tractor so I have pressed the 4wd Expedition into service as a “wood wagon”. Get’s the job done and it’s a bit warmer than a tractor seat on the way back in.  Linda has been bringing the wood over from the splitting shed using our Garden Way cart which has worked nicely and gives her a bit of good exercise as well.  Almost everything we do is a cooperative venture and we have developed pretty good systems in the 39 years we have been a team.

   We have been re-reading Gene Logsdon’s “You Can Go Home Again” and realize again why we love the self-reliant life. It’s a wonderful book and we have three more copies in our library.  They are new soft cover books.  If you would like to purchase one send  a check for $19.45 (includes shipping) to Linda Lee, P. O. Box 8, Hartshorn MO 65479.  First come, 1st served, when these are gone that’s it.  To check on availability e-mail

Until Next time............




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