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On-Line Resources for Homesteaders
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1000 Questions Answered in Agriculture - Edward J. Wickson

This e-book book gives the responses to questions asked for the weekly publication of the Pacific Rural Press. Please note that some of the answers make not be legal today because of changes in food inspection or environmental laws.

1000 Questions Answered in Agriculture:  http://www.books-about-california.com/Pages/2nd_Thousand/2nd_1000_Questions_main.html

Click the link above to read these topics:
Forward and Table of Contents
Part I - Fruit Growing
Part II - Vegetable Growing
Part III - Grains and Forage Crops
Part IV - Soils, Irrigation, and Fertilizers
Part V - Live Stock and Dairy
Part VI - Feeding Animals
Part VII - Diseases of Animals
Part VIII - Poultry Keeping
Part IX - Pests and Diseases of Plants
Part X - Index

Click the cover below to order the book from Back 40 General Store:

Description:  A great math book with problems based on agricultural situations. Designed for eighth grade through adults. First written in 1939 by Theodore H Fenske it presents arithmetic in a practical way and has been reprinted several times. Chapters include: Whole numbers, Decimals, Fractions, and Percentage. Other chapters focus on Weights and their use, Farm economics, Crops, soils and fertilizers, Livestock and Farm building and Engineering. The teachers answer key not only gives the correct answers it shows the actual methods of calculation. Hard cover;  answer key is a separate soft-cover booklet.

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