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Back40Forums Advertising Rates
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 03:35:07 AM »
Additional  Marketing Opportunities for
American Small Farm & Country Life Advertisers

Back 40 Group Incorporated, the publisher of American Small Farm & Country Life digital magazine, is a vertically integrated internet media company that offers many additional ways to reach and interact with our readers:
Back 40 is a popular meeting place with nearly 3 million page views per year.  Geared toward affluent and successful rural & suburban residents as well as small and medium size farmers that believe in sustainable living, local-regional marketing and a love of the outdoors and nature, the rapidly growing Forum was founded in 2008 and presently features over 80 Boards.  Currently each visitor views over 6 pages every visit and spends an average of nearly 12 minutes on the site after arriving.  There are numerous options for vendors and sponsors:

Individual Board Banner: One 728 x 90 Banner ad is available at the top or bottom of each Board and topic.  Rates are $80.00 per board and you choose of any one or combination of our 80 boards.   There is a one-board minimum with a 10% discount when you run on 2-4 boards, 20% discount when you run on 5 or more boards.

View Sample of Back40Forums click-through ad:

Contextual Ads: These are Bold underlined words in articles that direct readers to a
website for more information.  For example the word Tractor or Mahindra Max will send a reader to the location of your choice when clicked.   Contextual links are charged by click-through and range from 25˘ to $2.50 per click as the client and Forum agree.  Click throughs are billed net 30 for established clients or paid in advance with a PayPal account for new or short-term users.

Sponsored Topics: We can use stories supplied by the advertiser (copy must be submitted in advance for approval).  We will charge 25˘ per word as a one time charge to place the article plus the charge for Contextual Click-Throughs or Banner adds appearing with the article.  There will be a $10.00 charge for each photo used.

KWBC.FM Internet Radio:   Our station featuring a unique blend of Traditional Country Music, Country Blues, Western Swing, and Folk music provides top quality listening to over 100,000 fans in 192 countries.  Our loyal up-scale listeners tune in for over 8 hours per day to hear songs from our huge library.  Operated as a listener supported station and with corporate underwriters there are fewer “commercials” but there are “announcements” for our under-
writers and advertising opportunities on the station website and Listener Forums.  http://Http://KWBC.FM Our highly ranked e-commerce store features CDs, DVDs, E-Books, regular books, software and instant digital downloads and is geared to the needs of farmers, suburban dwellers, outdoorsmen and sustainable living enthusiasts.  Well indexed and easily used we have over 28 main departments aimed at farmers alone. 
Distance Learning Courses: We are gearing up to present over 30 interactive courses on such subjects as Homestead Skills, Farming & Commercial Vegetable Production, Wild Edibles & Herbs, Native American Ways of Living in Harmony with all Creation, and Grass-Based Livestock Production & Direct Farm Marketing.  Product Placement, product demos  and audio, video or targeted advertising opportunities are available.  Call with your proposals.

For complete information call Herman Beck at 866.596.9982 or e-mail

New clients can pay using any major credit card.   Automatic renewals not required.  You can change or renew your ad at anytime, but your ad must run for a minimum of one full month.  Rates are for camera ready ads.  We can design your banner ad at a small charge if your wish.  Back40Group, Incorporated reserves the right to refuse any ad deemed unsuitable for our readers.
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