Author Topic: The Real Scoop on Lambing Time  (Read 1006 times)

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The Real Scoop on Lambing Time
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 03:10:30 AM »
It is a lot of work. Every lambing season I question my sanity. My husband
doesn't understand how I can stand them at any time of the year. I spent
all day into the evening yesterday out in the barn doing just the bare
minimum chores. Ewes and their babies are in individual pens for the first
few days with food, water and housekeeping services - then I do each lamb's
vaccinations, tail and testicle banding, and ear tags, write it all down.
Then a few days in a mixing pen with a dozen or so other ewes and lambs -
then outside during the day, in at night - and all the while trying to keep
them from killing themselves.

One time an tax agent of the state of Oregon came during lambing season to
see if we were a real farm or not. She stayed about a half an hour and that
was the end of that.

And yes, they are that cute.

And yes, they are that dumb, except that it isn't really that they are
stupid. They are just big wooly balls of instincts and they are very good
at being sheep. Other things, not so much.

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