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Southern SARE Producer Grants Funded
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2014, 08:15:25 AM »
 Southern SARE Producer Grants Funded

GRIFFIN, Georgia - Over $90,000 in grants from the Southern Sustainable
Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) program has been funded for farmers
to further sustainable agriculture production practices throughout the
Southern region.

Topics including mushroom production, increasing sheep profits, cover
season extension and switchgrass evaluation are among the Producer Grants
funded for FY2013. The Producer Grants are strictly for farmers and
to conduct research projects on their farm to not only solve production and
marketing challenges, but to also share their results with fellow farmers
an education and outreach capacity.

Southern SARE 2013 Producer Grants funded include:

FS13-268 Closed Loop Mushroom Production on 100% Waste Substrate, $7623,
North Carolina, Joseph Allawos,

FS13-269 From the Ground to Town, $14,965, Mississippi, Joe Barnes,

FS13-270 Increase Sheep Profits: Incorporating marginal forage areas into
rotational grazing scheme, $9,961, Tennessee, Keith Cannon,

FS13-271 Cover Crops for Improving Recalcitrant Soil Organic Matter and
Biota Management in Plantain Production Systems in Puerto Rico, $10,000,
Puerto Rico, Duamed Colon-Carrion,

FS13-272 Increasing Sustainability of Goat Production through Management of
Gastrointestinal Nematodes, $10,000, Alabama, Samuel Fairley,

FS13-273 Identifying and Marketing Quality Open-Pollinated and Organic
Cucurbit Seedstocks for Virginia, $9,963, Virginia, Edmund Frost,

FS13-274 Comparing Season Extension Mechanisms on Winter Green Production
the Southern Appalachian Mountains, $3,737, North Carolina, Paul Littman,

FS13-275 Insect Exclusion Using Woven Shade Cloth, $9,320, Alabama, Will

FS13-276 Shade Cloth for Fall Bearing Blueberry Druplet
Problems in Southeastern USA, $6,458, South Carolina, Walker Miller,
FS13-277 Evaluating Switchgrass in Marginal Land as a Beneficial Insect
Habitat and as Compost Source for Vegetable Production, $8,379, Texas, Lynn

Producer Grants are one of seven grant opportunities offered by Southern
SARE. Learn more about Producer Grants on the Southern SARE website and how
to apply. Producer Grants Calls for Proposals are released in September.


Published by the Southern Region of the Sustainable Agriculture Research
Education (SARE) program. Funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and
Agriculture (NIFA), Southern SARE operates under cooperative agreements
the University of Georgia, Fort Valley State University, and the Kerr
for Sustainable Agriculture to offer competitive grants to advance
sustainable agriculture in America's Southern region.